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Preparing a dream house- Reusing the waste resources effectively

Everyone has his/ her dream house. For someone, it may be spacious while for others, they may dream of a small house. Whatever may be the desire, we should focus on appropriately utilized resources. By this, I mean reuse of the resources.

Normally what happens, we just build our house, does the after builders cleaning and then connect with required resources such as water, gases, electricity. We then decorate our rooms and the building. We start to live there and then our daily work continues.

But with the initiation of different programs on sustainable development, we should think about whether we are using the resources extravagantly or not. If yes, then we should think about the steps to utilize it properly. In some cases, we can reuse the resources as well.

I want to conclude that we can focus on using resources in an effective manner with the help of reuse concept. Let’s take the case of water reuse. Normally we need water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, etc. Not all of these works need pure drinking water. we can utilize hard water for washing. On the other hand, we can use these water in the garden and through absorption it will again collect in the well.

Water Management for your new house

We will need two underground tanks- one for soft and another for hard water- and two tanks on the roofs.

Soft water tank to store soft water with the purpose to use in bathing; cooking; washing clothes, hands, legs and face; and drinking while hard water tank for storing hard water with the objective to use in washing utensils, flushing, and cleaning in a toilet, etc.

The tricky one is the management of pipes. The pipe that flushes human waste will join to the sewage connection while the water pipes from shower, kitchen and toilet basin, will lead to the garden. Hence, the soil will remain fertile and at the same time it will filter to the underground pathway leading to well, we can use this water again as per our needs.

Along with above-mentioned water management, we can also store rainwater for our purpose. we can directly link the pipe to hard water tank for storing rainwater for later purpose.

Mini Bio gas Plant

With the kitchen waste, we can also build a mini bio gas plant in our backward or roof. We can use this methane gas for cooking and also kitchen cleaning responsibility is undertaken.

With the implementation of this two way will help a family to be stress-free from water and gas problem.


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