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Leading a successful profession and personal life [Cracked]

As a person we live in a multiple life. Most of the people doesn’t accept this but its bitter truth. First we don’t think of family while doing our jobs. Similarly, we won’t focus on our works, colleagues, etc while spending time with our family. But unknowingly mix up their lives in these two aspects. Hence, they failed to be successful.

So, by managing two different sectors accordingly and following certain factors will help us to progress in our respective areas. Then We will lead a successful profession and personal life. Let’s briefly understand the process to maximize our life and utilize in its full potential.

Leading a successful personal life

The thumb rule is to spend sufficient time with your family members. Investing your time will help you to raise up tight bond with them and helps in building your confidence.

Making your house environment clean and sanitized will foster your physical as well as mental health. Cleaned home environment leads to stress-free life. Hence, it’s recommended, you clean your house or room every week at least. If you could not manage your time for this job then you can rely on Cleaning experts. They definitely deliver the quality results.

Spending your vacation and celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones is also recognized as the rule to be successful. We are humans and we seek security in our lives. When we spend time with our special ones, we feel secured. This behavior also helps us to re-energize which in return makes us confident and efficient.

Leading a successful profession

Being successful in personal life certainly grows professional sector but that’s not all. We need to look after other factors as well.

First one is skill development. Skill is necessary to do the works effectively. For a fresher, advanced works are impossible to accomplish and need many time and concentration. But for a skilled personnel, they can do it instantly. As Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi‘s theory on flow suggests that skill and confidence level, and degree of challenge is correlated. This means, if you were supposed to accomplish a high degree of challenge and possess low skill and confidence level then you will only feel panic. When you are suppose to work on a low degree challenge and possess high skill and confidence level then you will certainly feel boredom. So a person with a low skill has a capacity of doing a low degree challenge while highly skilled person is capable to do high degree challenge.

Leading and supervising your juniors is the second factor. Why this is important? Because sharing knowledge and mentoring your juniors regarding working procedure will save time. This behavior will also result in mutual benefits as juniors will learn appropriate working procedure and for you, the confidence level in your concept will boost. Freshers can ignore this and can engage with their colleagues and supervisors to learn the concept and do the works effectively.

Another factor is to showcase your skill and knowledge of expertise. Why? The reason is the same as the above point. With this you will learn new skills like presentation skills, to engage with like-minded people globally, get support from others. For this, you can take help of technology- esp. Your personal blog and social media. First, you need a blog. You can make through a popular blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. or you can request a web design company or freelancer to develop a blog with the domain of your choice, based in trending concept. After your website or blog is complete you can upload your concept and share it online (different social media, forums, and groups).

Above mentioned factors are continual process. We need to follow the procedure repeatedly to recognize as a successful person.


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